A Very Veyron Voyage

Relaxing in the pub after a stressful day, Veyron noticed a familiar face, but almost immediately blacked out before he could react. Drugged!

Waking up, he found himself in the dark, in a cage, in the hold of a boat. Veyron cleverly picked a lock and murdered the sole guard on duty, who had picked an inopportune time to fall asleep. During this time, Veyron pieced together a bit of what happened, and realized that an old co-thief, Tiernan, was the likely person behind his current captivity.

Veyron carefully worked his way through a dark room, into the crew quarters, and through a half-dozen crewmembers. He picked open a couple of chests to find a weapon, eventually procuring a dagger of some sort. Veyron snuck upstairs to the deck of the boat, and used the shadows and some “awesome rogue moves” to cause confusion and chaos on deck, and eliminated a couple more guards. Eventually, Veyron drew the attention of the dragonborn first mate of the ship, and some harsh combat ensued. However, more “awesome rogue moves” eventually won the day and slayed the first mate. Tired of combat, Veyron coerced the captain to let him have free access to Tiernan, who died a rather bloody death without waking up. A quick search of the room turned up a letter from crime boss Otho, authorizing Tiernan (and others?) to come after Veyron.

Veyron took some time to talk to the captain and convince him that it was in everyone’s best interest to take him back to Nenlast. He took time on the journey back to impress upon the captain and crew, with voice and gold, that it would be fun to tell the story in every port they headed into.

A Very Veyron Voyage

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