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Adventure 1: The Dwarf’s Hide
The campaign began when our heroes were hired by Teldorthan Goldcap to retrieve something quite valuable. This, of course, turned out to be much more complicated than initially expected.

Adventure 2: Seeking The Raven
After returning the hide to Teldorthan, our heroes set about investigating the Red Hand of Tiamat and are drawn into a larger conflict.

Adventure 3: The Col Fen Horrors
The party gains a new member, Veyron, and Mersa receives a letter.

Adventure 4: Nenlast and Beyond
The party ventures into the Winterbole.

Adventure 5: Into the Crumbling Tower
The campaign continues in the Winterbole Forest. The heroes return to some unfinished business, investigating a crumbling tower swarming with hobgoblins.

Adventure 6: Descending further into the Crumbling Tower
The crumbling tower holds the party. Danger looms.

Adventure 7: Portal Trials
Our heroes find an ancient portal … but is the danger worth convenience?

Adventure 7.1: A Very Veyron Voyage
Veyron’s past catches up with him, and Veyron stabs it in the eye.

Adventure 8: The Quiet Keep’s Secret
A seemingly deserted keep holds information essential to the party’s quest.

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