This tiny human village lies at the east end of Lake Nen. The folk here make a meager living by trading smoked fish to the dwarves of Hammerfast.

Population: Nenlast comprises approximately four hundred and fifty people with two hundred of those people in outlying region. Most villagers are located in the walled central community at the intersection of the trade route and path towards the docks.

Government: Baron Chalmes deWitt, a minor noble sent from Fallcrest oversees the populace of Nenlast. When Baron Chalmes was assigned the leadership of the town, he brought his litigator with him, a halfling by name of Luvan who acts as his reeve to the representatives of the citizens. The largest home in Nenlast is held by the baron and is used as administrative build for the village.

Defensibility: The central community is surrounded by a palisade which can be gated off in case of emergencies. Lord Warden Markelhay of Fallcrest has assigned five soldiers to man a small garrison that is replaced on a year basis which is adjoining The Traveler’s Rest Inn. The town has a militia that can be deployed in the gravest of circumstances that comprises approximately twenty five individuals.

Inns & Taverns: The Drowned Lady is a tavern catering to the fishermen and other laborers in town. It can be a raucous place. The Traveler’s Rest Inn is the only place to rent a room in Nenlast. Despite that, it’s actually quite nice. The proprietor, an elf name Elesa Greyleaf takes great pride in her hospitality. Although small, the inn boasts five rooms that feel more spacious than they are.

Supplies: The End of the Road Supplies is a small trading post run by Gaelan Halfmoon. Trade caravans stop by throughout the year. Twice a year a dwarven trade caravan from Hammerfast stops in two town and sets up an open trade market on the southern edge of town.

Temples: There is a shrine to Erathis on outskirts of town. It is run by Deacon Marle an old human man. A temple of Melora is in the centre of town. This is the primary place of worship for most of the people of Nenlast. Priestess Thia Vol, an elf, oversees the temple and including its three other priests.


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