The Dwarf's Hide

Sessions 1 & 2

  • Our heroes were approached by Teldorthan Goldcap, Fallcrest’s master smith. He’d purchased a cured dragon’s hide which had been stolen by bandits. Goldcap hired the heroes to raid the bandit’s stronghold and retrieve his property.
  • Kobold Hall proved to be more than meets the eye. An unfinished Dwarven keep in the wilderness gave way to a much older catacombs deep underground. The keep (and the catacombs) was overrun by kobolds, but our heroes managed to make their way to the deepest levels.
  • As they explored the ruins they found evidence that these kobolds were in the service of the Red Hand of Tiamat, a cult to the evil goddess believed to be long extinct.
  • After defeating the kobolds’ holy man, our heroes found themselves in a grand burial chamber with three apparent exits: the hallway they’d come by, a tunnel leading deeper into the natural caves and an ornate iron door that they were unable to open.

Session 3

  • All indications were that something large was living in the lower caves. This was proven correct when our heroes found themselves face-to-face with Szartharrax, a ferocious (if young) white dragon.
  • Though the battle was difficult, our heroes prevailed against the wyrm with a mixture of guile, acrobatics and plain old toughness. When the dragon had breathed his last, the adventurers found his modest horde and more evidence of Tiamat worship. Amongst the riches was Goldcap’s dragon hide.

The Dwarf's Hide

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