Kilgor Shifon

Kilgor “The Magnificent” has been trying to find his trade for a number of years. After several failed attempts at making a living for himself he became inspired by a street magician performing in his hometown, Eagle’s Roost. Mistaking “tricks” for real magic he spent a few years studying wizardry from anyone who would teach him, though he remains largely self taught. He traveled to Fallcrest & practiced the familiar…street magic. The vast difference was that Kilgor could actually make things disappear, though there was one tragic incident involving a box, a barmaid, and a saw.

Eventually Kilgor was approached by a few merchant bands for guard duty, though he lacked appropriate combat magic skills (hence his daggers). Gradually he picked up enough practical experience to start on the path to becoming a hero. It took him 15 years, & 4 class/career changes, but he’s finally level 1. Kilgor can usually be found at the Nentir Inn, discovering coins behind people’s ears.

He also tried his hand a lot of different trades, and a lot of different adventuring styles, and spent a lot of time talking about adventures & the wonders of the realm. Obviously, all of them were flops since he’s still first level. But at least he’s alive & a first level adventurer! It took a lot of…work…to get to this point. Hopefully this time will be different!

Kilgor was given money to “follow his dreams”, but unfortunately his dreams were varied and not well thought out. Self-cleaning clothing isn’t cheap & Kilgor’s doting mother & father have so far produced 5 sets for him, (baker, pharmacist, ship pilot, militia thug, and now wizard). To pay back the kindness of his family Kilgor is willingly (guilted into) spreading the word about his family business.

Kilgor Shifon

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