Seeking The Raven

Session 3.5

  • Upon returning his property to Teldorthan Goldcap, our heroes were lauded with his praises, earning the favor of one of Fallcrest’s elite merchants. Questioning Goldcap about the Red Hand led our heroes to Nemeia Korr, a former assassin for the Empty Eye.
  • Nemeia admitted to having worked for the group for a number of years, but had recently seen the error of her ways. She was afraid that she was being pursued by their assassins. While in their employ, she could confirm to having carried out some assassinations paid for by the Red Hand.
  • Shortly after this revelation however, assassins attacked and Nemeia fled. Our heroes managed to defeat the assassins, but the inn had been lit on fire in the process.
  • At this point the party split. Ruester and Mersa pursued Nemeia while Durg and [[Kilgor Shifon | Kilgor] remained behind to help evacuate guests from the now burning inn. They were successful in doing so earning the respect of many townspeople.
  • Meanwhile, Ruester and Mersa chased Nemeia through the city streets catching her several streets later. Just as they reached her however, she was struck by an assassin’s arrow.
  • Nemeia’s final earthly act was to lock eyes with Ruester and gasp: “You must…seek…The Raven.”

Session 4

  • Exhausted, our heroes returned to their rooms at the Nentir Inn and fell quickly to sleep.
  • In the night, Ruester dreamed of an incident from his youth involving his brothers Radca and Himar and his father Tinath. The incident involved a stolen dagger, a fistfight, and stern reprimands from the patriarch.
  • The following morning, our heroes set about the work of finding out more about The Raven. Again they split up, scouring the towns seedier parts. Several times they ran afoul of the powerful Porter’s Guild whose members mistakenly believed the heroes were investigating them.
  • Finally, these investigations led to a supposedly abandoned warehouse on the Lower Quays. The party assaulted the warehouse, evidently interrupting a discussion between Empty Eye assassins and The Raven himself.
  • The Raven, cloaked all in black, took one look at the party and shouted, “You? NO! NO, NOT YOU! GODS DAMN IT!” Obviously in a state of extreme frustration, he stormed away as the Empty Eye assassins attacked.
  • In a thrilling and quick victory, our heroes easily bested the assassins. They interrogated their leader only to find that he denied that the Empty Eye had been involved in Radca’s death at all.
  • The “brother” that they’d been instructed to kill was one Dayareth Bornel, an elf. The Empty Eye was under the impression that Dayareth and Ruester were “brothers” in some sort of religious sense.
  • After searching the warehouse, our heroes found that The Raven had beat a hasty retreat through a trap door in the office. Within the office was a smashed bottle of once-fine wine, a carving of a five-headed dragon, and a letter from addressed to The Raven from Askelon.
  • This letter indicated that The Raven would be moving on to the Winterbole Forest in pursuit of something called The Hand Bones.

Seeking The Raven

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